Subject: FW: Make Money While You Sleep!

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From: streambiz2002@mail.com [mailto:streambiz2002@mail.com]
Sent: Friday, March 02, 2001 11:58 PM
To: streambiz2003@aol.com
Subject: Make Money While You Sleep!


I thought I’d drop this one time quick note to let you know
about an EXCELLENT e-Commerce Business which has enjoyed rapid
and  consistent growth in the last 3 years.

It may fit very well into your business portfolio.  This is the
EASIEST and the BEST online business today,  virtually a SELF-RUN
ONLINE BUSINESS. It’s TWICE voted as the #1 online business.

*Christian, of Marion, OH. writes:

“I’m having 10 times the success with this business as I did
with my other MLMs that I tried. I have a personal closure rate of
about 80%. And I attribute that totally to the system that you have
created. It truly is the best company out there.

Since joining in August of this year, I have been approached by 3
distributors of other companies, including 1 co-founder, but after
explaining what I do in my business and how I work the opportunity,
I guess they’ve given up knowing that their program is much harder
to achieve success in.”

If your current program demands that you sell products and sponsor
others you will fail 90% of the time! Put yourself in the power position;
win 90% of the time offering a program that  everyone wants to be
involved with!

Simply click below to visit the award-winning website:

It will ONLY take a minute to find out.

You will be glad that you did!

I received your e-mail as someone interested in
Internet Business  Opportunities. If I received your e-mail
in error, or you are no  longer interested, click here to be
removed Be sure REMOVE is in the Subject Title and you will
not be contacted again:

Thank you!

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