Pohmelliravi ja alkoholijoobe kõrvaldaja ;)

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Subject: Alco-Zyme Reduces Blood Alcohol Levels And Eliminates Hangovers!!!!!

Alco-Zyme Reduces Blood Alcohol Levels And Eliminates Hangovers!

(Protect Yourself From The Dangers Of Alcohol And Never Have A
Hangover Again!)

Alco-Zyme alcohol metabolizer has been created for the social drinker
who is interested in health and lawfulness. It greatly assists the
body’s processes for metabolizing and clearing alcohol from the system.

What Happens When We Drink?
Drinks consumed in the course of an hour can manifest such symptoms as:
Slurred Speech
Slowed Reflexes.
Impaired Motor Skills & Balance.

Continued And Prolonged Drinking Will Cause And Amplify:
Severe mood swings & Emotional distress
Uncontrollable vomiting.

Drinkers Experience The Day After Syndrome:
1. Headache
2. Mild to heavy nausea
3. Diminished levels of energy & Low focus abilities
4. Grouchiness

From this perspective we can see that the effects of alcohol is a Harsh, and rapid form of poisoning. Over time, consumption will seriously affect the cleansing organs – especially the liver.

How Does Alco-Zyme Work?
The Alco-Zyme formulation is based on enzyme technology. By
supplementing with the proper enzymes after consuming alcohol, we can
minimize the bodily stress by detoxifying the blood. ALCO-ZYME provides
the first line of defense, as well as providing powerful Pro-Oxidant
nutrients to increase oxygen at the cellular level further assisting
the detoxification process.
Finally, the formula is enhanced with vitamins, minerals, and herbals
to replace your lost nutrients.

Alco-Zyme Is Also Beneficial For:
Carpel Tunnel
Motion Sickness

Call Now And Be Safe And Protect Your Health When You’re Having Fun.
Call 415-273-3989 To Order. Distributors Wanted!!!!


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