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From: KINGSLEY MASEKE MOBUTU <kingsmmobutu@yahoo.com>
To: <****>
Date: 25. september 2001. a. 01:54

ATTN: THE DIRECTOR/ C. E. O.                               CONFIDENTIAL
TEL: 27-83-477-4870, FAX: 27-83-477-4871


I know that this letter will come as a suprise to you. I am KINGSLEY MASEKE MOBUTU, one of the sons of late president MOBUTU SESE SEKO of Zaire now called Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C.). I got your contact through South Africa Information Exchange centre, so I decided to ask for your assistance in transferring some money in the tune of US$27M(Twenty Seven Million US Dollars) out of South Africa into your private or company’s account.

This money was part of the fund secured by my Father for the purchasing of arms and ammunitions during the fight between my Father’s goverment and the rebel force loyal to the late MR. LAURENT KABILA. I became aware of the existence of this money through my mother when we escaped from Zaire to Morocco as aresult of the coup that toppled my Father’s goverment.

The safe boxes containing this money is now deposited in a private Security and Finance Company for safekeeping here in South Africa, though the real content of the boxes was not disclosed to the company. I am presently living in South Africa with my family as an asylum seeker (refugee) and the
financial laws of South Africa do not allow asylum seekers right to deposit such huge amount of money in a bank. In view of this, coupled with the way this money was acquired, I cannot invest in South Africa. Based on this fact, I need a reliable and trustworthy foreigner who would who would assist me transfer this money into his account outside South Africa and stand as a beneficiary by coming to South Africa to negotiate and transfer the money. The major thing I need from you is the assurance that the money would be safe when eventually transferred to your account oversea.

I am prepared to offer you for your assistance, 25% of the total sum, 5% will be set aside for contingencies and 70% would be kept for my family investment in your country. Finally modalities on how the transfer will be executed will be conveyed to you once you establish genuine interest.

Contact me on the above phone and fax number for further explanation, not forgeting to put your private phone and fax number for easier communication.

Please, if you are not interested, I shall be most grateful if you maintain the secrecy of this matter. I am looking forward for your immediate reply.

Yours Truly,
Mr.Kingsley M. Mobutu.

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