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FAX: 27-72-276-4560


Dear Sir,

In appreciation of your esteemed contact received
through a reliable source and the choice of your
country I wish to introduce myself, I am Mr. Peter
Kabila the son of the late Democratic Republic of
Congo President Laurent Desire Kabila of the blessed
memory. I know this letter might come to you as a
surprise but I honestly do not intend to surprise you.

I write this letter in respect of my intention to
invest the sum of US$22.6M( Twenty two million  six
hundred thousand United State Dollars) with you. I
inherited this money from my mother. This money was
got through the smuggling and sale of Diamond and
Timber when my father was the head of state. My mother
though not her legal wife used her privilege position
to engage in the business of Diamond and Timber since
she knows that her survival will depend on how much
she can out of the privilege situation.

When my father was assassinated on 16TH Jan. 01 by one
of his bodyguards Lt. Rashidi Kasereke through the
conspiracy of some top army officers that wanted to
topple him I and my mother escaped to Zimbabwe with
the box containing the money and some other valuables
because of the fear that we might be arrested by my
half brother Lt. General Joseph Kabila the present
head of state. Actually his mother and my mother are
not in the best of relationship because of whom among
them will be the first lady tussle and this ultimately
affected us their children.

Considering the relationship between Zimbabwe and the
Democratic Republic of Congo new government my mother
advised me to leave to South Africa with the boxes
containing the money. On getting to South Africa where
I have been living since then as a political refugee I
quickly deposited the boxes with a reputable security
company as a family valuables as I was afraid of being
defraud. More over I could not take such a huge
foreign currency to the bank without raising suspicion
on my person. I have the depository agreement and the
certificate of the deposit  issued to me by the
security company with me and will fax copies to you as
we progress with this transaction.

I contacted you because I don’t want to invest this
money in South Africa due to my status here as a
political Refugee. And moreover my financial adviser
is of the opinion that investing this money abroad
should be the best investment for me. I will be
honored if I can be given the privilege of investing
this money with you. Please I will appreciate it if
you contact me with the above fax number to confirm
the receipt  of my letter and for further discussion.
More also treat this letter with utmost
confidentiality because of my safety and the money. I
eagerly await your reply.

Thanks and God bless

Yours truly,
Peter Kabila


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