Nii karmi kuulutust pole ammu näind :)

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Man, I am a mem of da Proja Implamanteishan kammittee, Department Minerals
Energy or smthg
Repablik of Sauth Aaafrica, man. Man, I am in sereouz search of an aigent to
ass-sist ass in the transfer of US$ollars14.2million and subcergent
investment in
propertiz in ya country. Ya man will be reguired to:-
(1) Ass-sist in da transfer of the said sum
(2) Advisa on lucrative iariaz for investment
(3) Ass-sist ass in purchase of properties.
Should you be wassling to ass-sist ass in the trance-action, your share of
the sum
will be 30% of da US$ollars14.2Miljon, 60% for ass and 10% for miscellaneous
expenses or smthg. I will be pleazd as soon as ya Indicate ya interest by
ya confidentsha phone and faks numbers in ya pozitive responses to my
email address
or call me on my confidentsa cellular telephone and faks nambers below,
this will enable ass furnish you with faazha informations on da procedures
modalities? on hau funds will be transferred or made available to ya, man.

I await ya immediate response, man.

Dr Nelson Uto.

ps: ya wil be rich man as nelson mandeela

Corporate tel: +27-737-920763
Confidential Tel:+871-762-604470
Confidential Fax:+871-762-604471
Confidential email: drnelsonuto@yahoo.it


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